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How to get back to running after baby. Hint: It’s like being really effing hurt.

This is what I look like three months after having my second daughter.

This is what I look like three months after having my second daughter.

Hello, old friends. It’s been more than three years since we last met this way. I’ve had a couple of babies since then. They are great and all, but I’ve missed you.

The last time I trained with any consistency was when I was seven months pregnant with my first daughter. She’s now two-and-a-half years old. And while some little person now calls me “mom”, I promise not to turn this blog into something it’s not.

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How to keep your spouse happy when you’re training all the time

After this week's long run, I made the hubby and I homemade lattes.

I don’t want to say my husband (fiance at the time) was glad I got hurt while training for the Racine 70.3 Ironman triathlon earlier this year. But I do think he was glad to get our time together back.

Endurance training takes up a lot of time. A lot of that training time eats into our couple time. Continue reading


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Video: First training run with CARA for F^3 Half Marathon

Runners in CARA's 2011 Winter Half Marathon Training program run north along the lakefront path.

What a day for a run! There may have been some wind, and it may have been a bit chilly, but the sun shined down — blessing the first long run of the CARA Winter Half Marathon Training. Continue reading

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Hills, hill, hills. Did training in Chicago prepare me for Austin Half?

A map of the Austin Half Marathon course.

My good friend Kristel and I decided last September that we were going to run the Austin Half Marathon on Feb. 20.

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A runner is born. The wee one tried running, loved it. (Let’s be careful!)

Running is something kids do when they play. Why not run for fun and exercise? (flickr.com, lulumon athletica, creative commons license)

Sometimes when the BF’s daughter is with him for the weekend, we trade off when it comes to our work outs. I’ll work out Saturday, and he’ll work out Sunday, for instance.

Well, today, since it was his turn and he wanted to do a long ride, I took the wee one to family swim at the gym for a couple of hours. Then, she wanted to go for a run, she said. Continue reading

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Path to becoming a swimmer: (Olympic) trials and triumphs

I want to be a real swimmer one day. (credit: Jon Fravel, flickr.com/photos/jfravel)

When I strolled into the pool on Monday morning a little before 6, I wondered why there were so many people in the water — as in, so many I had to (gulp) share a lane for the first time ever.

“Oh well,” I thought to myself, “Mondays must just be busy swimming days.”

I did my warm up, looked up, and noticed some guy writing some stuff on the white board. Then I realized that everyone else was paying attention to that writing.

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