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Yaktrax, DueNorth traction devices for running in snow, ice aren’t foolproof

I've been running outside all winter for a couple of years. Traction devices help get me through.

I hate the treadmill with the white hot passion of a thousand suns. And before I was informed about running outside in the winter safely, I would slog along on the dreadmill for countless boring miles each winter. Continue reading


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How to keep your spouse happy when you’re training all the time

After this week's long run, I made the hubby and I homemade lattes.

I don’t want to say my husband (fiance at the time) was glad I got hurt while training for the Racine 70.3 Ironman triathlon earlier this year. But I do think he was glad to get our time together back.

Endurance training takes up a lot of time. A lot of that training time eats into our couple time. Continue reading


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I (heart) the F^3 Lake Half Marathon. Here’s why I’ll be writing about it.

Just before the halfway point, Sue (right) and I are having a blast and running strong. (2011)

In January 0f 2011, I ran my first half marathon… on a cold and windy day… in Chicago. And I loved every minute of it.

It was the race’s 2nd annual running, and I immediately became a fan of the race that’s known as F^3 (or, F***ing Freezing Frozen Lake Half Marathon). Continue reading


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Ugh. The Mrs. Me is injury-prone too (Hot Chocolate 5/15K race report).

Two reasons to celebrate: 1. Chocolate. 2. I made it to the finish, narrowly missing another running injury.

I had high hopes for Kirsten Ankenbrand’s first run. Her first race was the Hot Chocolate 5K — a short one, because, well, she’s a new runner and the maiden version of herself was still working back up in mileage after May’s injury. Continue reading


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Nighty night. Sometimes you just gotta get in a run when you can.

The dog and I pause for a photo during our night-time run.

More than once I’ve driven along Lake Shore Drive after 9 p.m. and, seeing a few runners scattered about the path, wondered, “Who are these crazy people? Don’t they know it’s almost bed time?”

That was before tonight, obviously, when I was one of those crazies. Continue reading


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Do as I say, not as I do? Set a good example for kids instead

This is one confident new bicyclist! (

Maybe you’ve seen the viral video posted on YouTube – it’s of a boy who rode his bike by himself for the first time.

He struggles for how to describe it.

“I feel… I feel… I feel… I feel… I feel happy of myself,” he exclaims. Continue reading

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Not ready for that running distance? Move down a race

The FAQ section on the races website explains how to switch races.

[Note: This post originally appeared on, where I was a guest-blogger.]

I have never considered moving down a race level. Ever. But I must be growing as an athlete, because I recently did just that.

To be clear: It was not easy. Continue reading

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Paying it forward: Running Soldier Field 10-miler for AHA

Dan Malinski and I finished up the Have a Heart 5K fun run together on Saturday.

“Your heart chakra is really strong,” my massage therapist told me after our 90-minute session tonight.

I feel that my heart chakra is strong. I am healthy. I am happy. And I have learned from the injuries that plagued me for years; enough to get an intense sports massage when muscle aches start to become persistent.

It’s a fitting phrase, then, for what I had already planned to blog about here tonight: I have joined the American Heart Association’s Start! Running Team. Continue reading

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Who wouldn’t want their 1st half marathon to be in January in Chicago?

I did it! I ran my first half marathon in the middle of a Chicago winter.

Almost one year ago, I was getting the diagnosis any runner dreads: a stress fracture would keep me from all the races I had signed up for. Including the Chicago Marathon on 10/10/10. (And as you know by now, the injuries in 2010 didn’t stop there.) Continue reading


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Is being a sick runner worse than being a hurt one? How to come back.

Wear your favorite race shirt, sip your green tip and rest when you're sick (like I did in early Dec. 2010).

Being hurt and not being able to run is painful. But being sick is worse.

Or, at least it feels that way. Continue reading

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